About us

Health systems around the world would like to deliver personalised medicine for everyone, where providers are reimbursed for the patient outcomes they create and patients benefit from continuous improvement and safety. This rarely happens with current models of care.

The average doctor/patient interaction is a slow and imperfect feedback loop. The patient sees the doctor whenever the next appointment is available, which may be weeks or months later. When they do meet, the doctor has to rely on incomplete and often poorly recalled information from the patient about how they have been getting on since the last appointment, in order to decide on how best to optimise the treatment regimen.


In the ideal setting the interval between patient and health system dialogue would be faster and capture more real-time information, to ensure that changes to the regimen reflected the patient’s true progress.


In essence the feedback loop between patient and doctor needs to be tightened, and to include information on the effectiveness of the prescribed interventions, whether drug-based, behavioural, lifestyle or wellness advice.

The Closed Loop approach fully integrates the prescribed regimen so that the feedback from different interventions can ben used to personalise care for the individual, providing a much faster way of getting an individual to their optimum outcome.

Closed Loop Medicine is a new breed of therapeutics company focused on care pathways, outcomes and the provision of dynamic personalised regimens. The company combines proven drugs with digital therapeutics and, where relevant, devices and diagnostics, through a single prescription enabling the digitisation and data capture of an entire care continuum.


The ability to capture real world patient data across a care pathway, combined with a closed-loop management system, enables precision care for each patient.


CLM has a pipeline of pathway interventions in development that integrate Digital + Drug + Device for the treatment of some of the biggest challenges facing 21st century health systems -  sleep disorders, hypertension, chronic pain and diabetes.


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