The Forward Healthcare Awards provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the great work happening across the UK health and care sector.

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The Award Category: Improving Outcomes

Winner: Closed Loop Medicine

What did they do? Closed Loop Medicine is a TechBio company developing combination prescription drug-plus software products to redefine precision medicine, provide bespoke universal healthcare access and improve patient outcomes. Their platform facilitates personalised drug-dose optimisation through integration of drugs and devices with patient-led digital experiences and closed loop models of care. Their work includes development of a chronic insomnia solution and a product to manage hypertension using a patient-centric approach, alongside expansion of the platform capabilities to support precision medicine across broad therapeutic areas.

Why did they win? CLM’s vision is that one size does not fit all when it comes to drugs. This belief is backed up by findings on their work; with regards to the chronic insomnia solution, CLM are on track to submit “a novel first-in-class combination product”, whilst preliminary results on their hypertension management product validates the capabilities of combination technology and shows patient support for the customised approach.