Precision Care For All.

We need to shift to a world where we treat the individual, not just the disease. Our inventions work in combination with medicine to deliver personalised, optimised dosing, improving human health.

About us

Closed Loop Medicine is a TechBio company developing prescription combination drug plus software products, with the aim of bringing forward the promise of precision medicine.

The Company’s proprietary platform facilitates personalized drug dose optimization, through integration of drugs, software and devices with patient-led digital experiences and closed loop models of care.

Our Vision

A world where everyone benefits from personalized integrated care.

Precision medicine, where healthcare treatments are tailored to the individual has, until now, only been applied to a handful of medical conditions, what if it could be applied more widely? The ability to put ‘Software as a Medical Device’, as an App, in the hands of any patient with a smart phone creates an opportunity for digital companions to be prescribed alongside traditional therapeutics, enabling real-world data integration into care regimens more precisely tailored for individuals. This approach has the ability to level the playing field, providing universal access to the highest quality care, usually only accessible to the few.

Creating closed loop models of care

  • Drug

    Optimizing medication regimens using personalized information and feedback.

  • Digital

    Providing a software platform to coach, support, and guide each patient’s journey to good health. Delivering unique insights to improve patients’ care.

  • Device

    Harnessing valuable data captured by medical devices and wearables to fully support your disease management and recovery.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve patients’ lives by creating closed loop models of care.

In almost every aspect of our lives we are now able to receive real-time feedback to help inform our choices and behaviors, why not also in the care and therapy we receive to treat disease and help us get back to being ourselves? We aim to provide every individual with tailored feedback to improve the way in which they manage and treat their condition.

Our values

Integrated holistic health

Our products are designed to support patients, in doing so we aim to support the whole community of care around them.

Experience and evidence

Our products are built to the highest medical standards on our unique platform that isn’t accessible in any other organization.

Progressive healthcare enhancement

We seek to move healthcare forward for the benefit of all.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

We bring together clinicians, engineer, designers, academics, regulators and patients to solve the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Safety & integrity

We value the importance of data safety and integrity in every product we develop and patient that we support.

Integrated holistic health

Experience and evidence

Progressive healthcare enhancement

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

Safety & integrity

What they say about us

From the day of their first approach to us, we formed a close working relationship with the team from Closed Loop Medicine. The work has been stimulating. It’s all centered on finding the right treatment regime for each individual patient, centered on outcomes and personalized care.

Dr David Collier
Clinical Director, Queen Mary University London

CPI has core strengths in healthcare innovation and we were delighted to collaborate with Closed Loop Medicine on the next step towards more patient centric healthcare innovation, one that links traditional therapeutics, medical devices and digital health.

Arun Harish PhD MBA
Strategy Director, CPI

Closed Loop Medicine are pioneering the next generation of therapeutic products, one that links remote monitoring with intervention. At uMed we saw the potential to combine our unique approach to clinical trial delivery with Closed Loop Medicine to initiate an exciting decentralized clinical trial in partnership.

Matt Wilson
CEO, uMed

It has been refreshing to engage with the Closed Loop Medicine team. They proactively engaged the Association of Medical Research Charities early to encourage partnerships with research charities and involve patients in product and trial design.

Carol Bewick
Association of Medical Research Charities