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Journal of the American Heart Association: PERSONAL-COVID BP Trial

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The future of hypertension care: PERSONAL-COVID BP trial findings published in the Journal of the American Heart Association

Hypertension stands as the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite amlodipine’s status as a first-line anti-hypertensive medication, approximately 20% of patients discontinue its use, often due to undesirable adverse effects.

Watch this video abstract to learn more about the transformational clinical data recently published on CLM-HT01—our novel single-label combination product integrating our proprietary software as a medical device (SaMD) with amlodipine to provide more precise, effective, and cost-efficient disease management strategies – ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and streamlining clinician involvement.

The findings of the PERSONAL-COVID BP trial underscore the potential of our technology in augmenting traditional treatment approaches. Clinically significant reductions in blood pressure were swiftly observed, with a majority of participants achieving blood pressure control and mitigating side effects, even among those previously intolerant to standard dosages. The study also demonstrated remarkably high patient retention and no discontinuations due to drug intolerance.

We’re really proud to see these results published in a leading open-access scientific journal; validating our unique approach to precision care by improving patient outcomes at an individual level. Leveraging the findings, we are now focused on driving forward our commercial strategy to expand our portfolio across other therapeutic areas – including within the rapidly growing GLP-1 market, where we see huge potential to deliver optimized dosing.

Ready to explore the full story? Watch the full video now and download the paper for an in-depth look into the PERSONAL COVID PB trial.


Watch our video on the JAHA PERSONAL-COVID BP Trial abstract