Castleford and London, UK: Teva UK Limited and Closed Loop Medicine Ltd have announced a strategic partnership to advance the development of personalised medicine. Under the agreement, Closed Loop Medicine – a leading TechBio company – and pharmaceutical company, Teva UK, will investigate opportunities to use Closed Loop Medicine’s proprietary software as a medical device (SaMD) technology platform which aims to advance the development of personalised medicines, improve drug efficacy and outcomes in patients with specific chronic disorders by combining dose-optimised drug therapy with digital care.

Dr Paul Goldsmith, Chief Medical Officer and Innovation Officer, Co-Founder and President of Closed Loop Medicine, said: “As clinicians, we know that dosing of drugs is a huge problem. In the most extreme cases, we are seeing patients having severe adverse events, for example when required to change dose levels to undergo surgery. Being able to predict personalised dose levels could be transformational.”

This strategic partnership harnesses Closed Loop Medicine’s proprietary SaMD and combines it with Teva’s pharmaceutical products creating the opportunity for digital companions to be prescribed alongside traditional therapeutics, enabling real-world data integration and improved effectiveness of innovative and known medicines.

Recent clinical trial results for a hypertension product, CLM-HT01, have demonstrated the technology’s ability to dose optimise drug therapy and minimise side effects whilst achieving blood pressure control, with exceptionally high medication adherence (2).

Personalised medicine is an aspiration of the modern healthcare system, yet existing medicines are typically prescribed based on their average effects in a population and rarely dose optimised for the individual. This “one size fits all” approach results in increased side effects and adverse reactions, medication non-adherence and consequently poorer patient outcomes and higher healthcare costs for payors. For example, the annual cost of drug-related morbidity and mortality resulting from non-optimised medication was estimated at $528.4 billion in the US, in 2016 (2), and the projected annual cost of adverse drug reactions alone to the NHS is £2.21 billion (3).

Kim Innes, Teva’s General Manager, UK & Ireland, said:We are excited to be working with Closed Loop Medicine, who have demonstrated themselves to be compelling innovators in the area of personalised medicine. We know that the patient experience can sometimes be less than optimal and as the largest supplier of medicines to the NHS, the potential to combine ‘drug’ & ‘digital’ could create significant improvements to lives of patients at great scale. We are very excited about the future of this partnership.”

Dr. Hakim Yadi OBE, CEO & Co-Founder of Closed Loop Medicine, commented:It is a fantastic opportunity to be working with the Teva team to explore ways in which our combined expertise can advance the delivery of personalised medicine solutions, globally.” He added: “The integration of real-world data enables personalisation of dosing that has historically not been readily available to clinicians before. This commercial partnership is an example of the potential and scalability of our SaMD technology platform, demonstrating the value that can be added by integrating software to well-known and trusted brands to improve disease management and patient outcomes at an individual level.”



1. Collier DJ, et al. Personalized Antihypertensive Treatment Optimization With Smartphone‐Enabled Remote Precision Dosing of Amlodipine During the COVID‐19 Pandemic (PERSONAL‐CovidBP Trial). 2024 [accessed February 2024]
2. Watanabe JH, et al. Cost of prescription drug–related morbidity and mortality. Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2018;52(9):829-837
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About Closed Loop Medicine

Closed Loop Medicine is a TechBio company developing combination prescription drug plus software products, with the aim of bringing forward the promise of precision care. The Company’s proprietary technology platform facilitates personalized and optimized dosing, through integration of medicines and software with patient-led digital experiences and closed loop models of care. This approach to treating the individual, not just the disease, has the potential to provide bespoke universal healthcare access and improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases.
Founded at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK in 2017, and now based in London, UK, Closed Loop Medicine’s investors include Ananda Impact Ventures, BGF, LifeArc, Longwall, Meltwind, IQ Capital, Downing Ventures and Cambridge Angels. To learn more about Closed Loop Medicine and its mission to deliver precision care for all, please visit:

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